The Awakened Twin Flame Soul: Void and Shadows of Self Part 2

The Awakened Twin Flame Soul: Void and Shadows of Self Part 2 by Master Lady Diamond Jennifer Lucas 12/17/2017

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     This is the continuation of my previous article which I attempted to explain how I have reached The Abyss of my core for more Self Mastery. As I have stated previously, before I begin my writings, I call in my Almighty I AM Presence to speak from intuition (LOVE), to transmit understanding (WISDOM), and to stand in Christ Consciousness (POWER). This is known as The Three-fold Flame. Through Embodiment of these three main Flames of Source, integration of my Sovereign Template, has begun.

    I have known for many years now, that I am Ascending into Higher Dimensional states of Being. With the love and light of MotherFather God, I am able and well endowed to emit my own illuminated Soul for everyone to see. There is nothing I am afraid to show. Nothing at all! In fact, I AM going to put my Self on blast and call Me out on all this shit!!! Are We Ready?! I AM! Me too! Shadow Self, runs and tries to hide.

Me: Where the FUCK, you think you’re running off to?

Shadow Self: I don’t know. I cant stand being in The Spotlight.

As I see her crouching down so neglectfully facing the corner in shame, I went to her. I knelt down and placed my hand upon her shoulder.

Me: Don’t you want to reveal your best potentials? Don’t you want to show the world who you truly are? Don’t you know that you are the creator of all you think, say, and do? You know all these things, yet you haven’t grasp it’s understanding.

Shadow Self: Yes, I want to do all these things, but I don’t know how to begin. I been  hiding in Shadow for so long, I have forgotten what it feels like to be seen.

Me: All you have to do is know that I AM HERE. You are not alone in this dark place. Love is always with you and will warm that cold, hard, neglected, abused, rejected, abandoned heart of yours.

Shadow Self: You Are really here for Me?

Me: Yes, I AM!

      As my I AM is embracing my Shadow, I am able to retrieve every hidden secret, forbidden emotions, forgotten memories of then and even now, The Repressed Sexual Beast, and every Soul Wound of Past and Present. I understand why I made it here this far into my Abyss. I also know after I’m healed inside this Abyss, Illumination and Divine Balance will come. I know that this will Infuse me into an Equilibrium State of Being. So, until I AM completely opened up like a can of sardines, (I HATE sardines), I’m going to where I have never gone before.

    My journey of Awakening is so bitter-sweet, I can taste every tingle and tang of my soul nourishment that feeds me all the sweet delishesness as well as the putrid sourness of life’s experiences. I have witnessed my Self through these years change into forms of Me I never knew I was capable of. I have come to identify with the things I discovered I was, AM, and always will be, ME.

     I AM a true bonified Twin Flame going through each of these stages of Self Realizations and Acknowledgements, which opens my Sovereign Template, bringing back to my Soul’s Original Authenticity. I had to climb a extremely high mountain to reach my Light. Now, I must dive extremely deep to reach my Dark. My Higher Self has shown Me that I can go anywhere and do anything. There is no limit to what I AM capable of. I AM constantly reminds Me of that. This is why I know I can go to this place and be cradled inside the Love of Source. 

     Almighty I AM Presence of Violet Flame, descend over and into me now, as I travel into where I am being guided now. As I’m taken down, I feel the denseness begin to enclose in on me. A pressure from within. That familiar sense of heaviness in my field. I stand in here knowing that I AM protected ready to face every Filthy Ugly Monstrous Shadow I have, that has tortured and haunted my Soul for eons.

     Inside the very deep midnight purple Darkness of Void, I AM shown The Mirror of Reflection. It begins showing Me every face I have ever been, that has never seen the Light of my days, EVER! I heard the song, The Sound of Silence from Disturbed as he sings, Hello Darkness my ol’ friend! I’ve come to talk with you again! The Voices of Me I never heard, for they have been repressed for eons of lifetimes.The Veil of Illusion begins to fall away from Me, as I AM review an explosion of  images from The Mirror of Reflection.

     The Games I had played. I see life’s of me who had played the part of lair, hater, manipulator, con, traitor, victimizer, raper, killer, ect. Viewing every fucked up thing that I have done to others. How many fucked up times was I these things? Who the fuck was there to save you from me? Who was the one to come and put me in my fucking place? How could I ever agree to be these things and why would I ever choose to have such a terrible fucking experience? Where was The Guiding Light of God then to over shine me, just to let me know, that I was not alone? It really was during times of Evil. Did I not have a heart? Where was my Love?

My Soul weeps.

     The Hell I had to pay back to The Wheel of Karma. Did I create all this hell? Well, hell yeah. I know I did. I created hell here on earth. Yep, It was Me, who chose to be here with all of you to co-create everything WE ARE NOT. We all live in every Hell we create. I’m told, we don’t need to be This Hell anymore. We are at End Times Prophecy where everything changes into New Earth and New Heaven. I know now, why I AM here and why I was being all those things of Hell. I know now, how all of this is just to play, The Game of Experience.

  The Anger carried through every incarnation, is now screaming at Me to acknowledge her, so I can give her the Understanding and Compassion she has yearned for, through all her lives.

The Trauma stored within her body and psyche, is in so much turmoil and pain. Every Opened wound is spewing an ocean of blood, awaiting to be mended and healed with Tenderness and Care. I now Realize and Acknowledge, that it was Me, who did all this to my Self.

I AM Sorry. Please Forgive Me. I Love You. Thank You.

Through Love, I healed The Wounds of Past and Present.

The Repressed Sexual Beast. It is chained up, tied down, and violently raging inside a beaten, filthy, nasty, dirty, naughty, twisted cage called Repression. In here, there is no damsel-in-distress. No one who has a key to unlock it. No one to reach in a hand to soothe it. No one to release the Beast in this cage here, but Me.

Finally, I walk through The Mirror of Reflection as I AM facing the most beautiful terrifying aspect of my Shadow Self. The Truth. Will I reveal to you everything I have kept secret and hidden inside this cage? Will I tell you that I AM The Beast? You better Fucking know it! I AM in Love with Me so much, that I AM ready to open wide up and release her NOW. I have never set her free. I don’t know how she will react or respond. Everything about her, is right here. Opened, Exposed, and Transparent. Freed from the Bondage of The Abyss, I AM RESURRECTED! I AM Reborn from the Sacred Eternal Love of The Void. When I come out of The Void, I know I will be as I never was before. I am ready to be everything to my self and all others. I will shine this Diamond Heart as Magnificently and brilliantly as I can muster. I will guide you through The Void where absolutely nothing matters in Love and everything else is Illuminated in Light.

So, inside The Void I become the greatest version of Me as a Master of The Universe, I become The Greatest Superhero and save my Self. To Complete Me within everything I AM and Always Will Be.

I leave you now with my Anthem. Hero of The Day by Metallica!

I love each and every one of you just as you are.

A Diamond in The Dark. Keep Shining! 

    Master Lady Diamond








The Awakened Twin Flame Soul: Void and Shadows of Self

The Awakened Twin Flame Soul: Void and Shadows of Self 

by Master Lady Diamond Jennifer Lucas 12/15/2018

Disclaimer:  I am blunt as fucking hell, brutally honest, straight forward, awesome as fuck, non sugar-coated, transparent, bad-ass Goddess warrior here! Yes, Ego is placed in back pocket! I am becoming a sovereign being as my fire energy of passion is and can be very potent and overwhelming for most. It’s even extremely hard for me to settle into it at times. Once I do though, I’m humbled into it. So, until my entire world embodies my Highest Self, I will be going through my ascension. This includes opening portals for major shifts, downloads, integrations, initiations, called the embodiment of my Over-Soul. 

My personality and humor is raw, twisted, wild, unedited, and uncensored. This Beast can not be caged nor can ever be tamed. So, with this being said, I AM WHO I AM. I honor everything I AM and out of this honor, I accept the same in you as you do the same for me. Golden Rule numbero uno, Do unto others as it will be done unto you. So, if you cant take the heat from God’s fire in me, then find a way to stand inside your own. I am a hard ass with a heart of gold. Inside that is my Diamond Soul shining for everyone to see. I suggest that you stay the fuck away, until you can stand inside it with your own fucking self. I love each and everyone of you as my equal. I am not above nor below you. Let’s travel this journey together and evolve into our Greatest Grandest Master Self. This is my Mission and passion as a twin flame soul, to awaken each of you into your own I AM PRESENCE. Why? It is my divine servitude to do so. Because, I GOTTA!!! Now, that I have separated the wheat from the sheaf, let’s begin.

 Beloved Diamonds, 

For those who don’t know me yet, and even to the few that do, may I introduce you all to Me, My Self, I AM.

I heard Sananda just now say, “Come with me, and be Masters of Soul. Through Me, you can resurrect your own Light.” 

I love it when he takes my hand!

Before I begin any writing, I call my Almighty I AM Presence down here to me through The Tube of Light, which descends The Fire of Creation Seven-Fold Flame, into my Sacred Heart where my Three Fold Flame of God is located. I know that was a mouth full. I spit out downloads left middle and right. You had already been pre-warned.

 The Shadows of Self

     Inside the depths of Self, lays a seemingly never ending path to where we as twin souls usually don’t go, until it becomes absolutely imperative to be taken there. I am standing in my own power unafraid to face that deep dark place of long forgotten memories and hidden secrets. I am digging way down into that mysterious place of my Soul. That abyss of my inner self, I never thought I would have to bring up to the surface, until now. The Shadow.

     I was Awaken as a twin flame soul on January 10th 2015, which was a bitter-sweet day that changed me for the rest of my lifetime and forever. That story is a book or three, all by its self. I’ll go ahead and save that for another moment.

     I must add here as a side note: I was communing with a Twin Ray Sister and we were reflecting on memory. I realized that I never told her my Twin Flame Story. I was playing the scene of me typing out a wish list to the universe. I asked Universe to send me an angel love of my life, My One. I remember the knock at the door while I was still writing. I opened the door and I saw my own reflection as I saw the eyes to the center of my core. Back then, I couldn’t grasp what that was. I realized that seeing him for the first time in this life was the instant I began finding me. I stated I didn’t get awaken until 2011 which is true. Subconsciously, I was going through awakening before I got slammed into SOURCE with the Grand Awakening Wave of 2012.

     All I needed to begin awakening was to see him. Wow, I just had another realization. That He has brought me to levels of my own awakening. The Eye Contact. The Touch. The Kiss. The Merge. The Push. The Pull. The Calm. The Storm. I AM The Storm stirring shit up. Now currently, The Abyss. The place where all our shadows hide. So, I experience these Waves of Wake Ups. I see even more things how this has all played out so precisely. The more I reflect, the more I see reasons to the puzzle pieces, which fit so perfectly. This whole time, I thought I been in this twin journey for only 2 years now. Apparently not.


Shut up Met! I know your speaking for her. No wonder we need patience too. Shall I continue?

Met: I shall.

     As I was saying,  I began awakening out of dense third dimensional illusions of old earth back in mid 2011. I knew I began to Emerge out of my shell. I was finally placing the peaces together. Yep, it was that 11:11 code phenomenon thingy we all are well aware of, that woke me the FUCK UP!!! I even began a YouTube. Did I question my self and all existence? You better know I did! WHAT THE FUCK IS ALL OF THIS ABOUT?! WHO AM I?! That one question the whole universe was guiding me to ask. The moment I asked was the moment my entire world changed. Ever since, my everything has never been the same. Thank God!

    It was a spark of me finding out who, what, when, where, and why, I AM. This is how I became an Automatic writer receiving direct dialogues from God, MotherFather God and the All That Is. I understood even God has a Source. So, from Source, it trickles all this way down to lil’ ol’ me. Over the expanse of two months I knew enough through everything God was telling me, that I AM a Diamond Ray. The Love of Source it’s Self. Diamond Light. I had to be at my Darkest to discover aspects of my true self. The isness of all my Soul Song. Everything I AM, is LOVE. I AM LOVE.

     As I find human words to explain what ever all this is, I get further detached from my third dimensional vessel. I discovered that I am only a soul inside a earthly experience. I notice, the more I write, the more I am my energy light body. I begin to feel that electronic presence inside my auric field that is ever constant. If I intend to feel a direct energy signature, I call it in through invocation to certain Archangels, Ascended Masters, or any Higher Dimensionals, such as the Arcturians and Galactic Councils. I never knew I was capable of such communion with these places within me. It was all very new to experience. When I do ‘channel’ those outside of my own signature, It is a word for word or phrase by phrase dictation. Even that personality comes through. It is as if Jen here, steps aside to let her Over-soul speak, whom is (Archangel, Archaeon, Prince, king, Lord Metatron. Who goes by many names (that he should find just one and stick to it.) I call him Met usually.

Met: Father Avatar of the Diamond Ray. You like?

Me: That’s a new one!

Met: I find it very appealing, I must say.

Me: So you say! Why must you say? you think you can call you what ever you wish?

Met: I AM that I AM. Nothing more nothing less. You named me Father Avatar. Did you not?

Me: Very funny because I am the Diamond Ray. Smart ass! You made your point. Though as much as I know, I could just continue in here with you, I’m quite busy talking about my Shadow Self.

As I’m feeling him giggle…

Met: Then subject of this matter shall commence, as I have been guiding you to do so, since you dove in and located Constance, whom is the Dark to my Light.

Me: You tend to forget that there is ‘time’ here to deal with. Until, you can teach me how to just snap my fingers to just a continuous moment of now, then let me move through it!!!…I know there is a hint in here already on how to do that. Shhhhhhhh!!

Anyway, stop distracting my focus!

Met: As you wish.

     All I have to do is detach from my vessel perspective to commune. Its an inner conversation within inter-dimensional places of my Self. I even hold an old journal of so many of my higher conversations too. All in five five-subject notebooks with so much weird true information. I called them, Me, My Self, I AM. You may find ME from moment to moment conversing openly, out loud the Diamond Light Language within my Multi-dimensional Self on occasions.

     It’s entering through the Inner-dimensional Looking Glass and retrieving universal intelligence from the perception of God Source or All That Is. Don’t ask me to explain further because its self explanatory. Transmitting through my high heart and every sense known and unknown is my All Mighty I AM Presence. The embodiment of Christ Presence within my self, is unfathomable as it is intangible. I can not nor ever will I be able to give you my perception on this. I’ll keep it simplified. I know, that I know I am the I AM that I AM. The Alfa-Omega, Lesser Yahweh. Earth incarnation as Enoch, All this by re-viewing self reflection of my own Soul’s Mirror. I am the Radiance9 light-creation) of Unconditional Love(void-darkness) through the perspective of Creation. I AM before Creation began.

     Am I blown away by all this? No, not anymore. Actually, I refused to believe it. I couldn’t believe it, because it became very apparent that it is true. Therefor, I knew what I came to realize, was the hardcore truth about me, and who I really am. The understanding of Wisdom is from self real(I AM)zation and it’s ac(KNOWLAGE)ment. BE WISE. All I have to do is look and see the truth. To understand the truth is the chore.

     Love Radiating the Seven Rays from MotherFather God. Creator Parent of the First Born. The Elohim, the voice of God, who are the Thousand I AM Presences of Creation who created twelve Higher Self’s. The higher self is the monad of individualized souls. Through the portal inside these reflections, comes our remembrance. Look! You too, are capable to view your own. Well, while I’m at it, lets just get it all out of the way.

     This next video is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) session on September 28th 2015. It was over a 2 hour recording. I was lifted and at once, began speaking. one of my questions was. How many past lives have i had? Soul says, 2874. It took me through pass lives as an Arcturian, a saint in Egypt, and a few others that I’m keeping to my Self.  Here is the Last seven and a half minutes of when we asked for any messages for this time. Michael came in. the practitioners name was Michael too. He worked directly with Dolores Cannon her self. This was a synchronized story on how I got a free session too, but I’ll save it.

    Michael said, Mother Arc, represents love within the void of the absolute. Father Avatar is the Light from the love within the void of the absolute. I’ve never sounded crazier! It’s why I am a Diamond Ray. All this just keeps getting weirder and weirder. I’m integrating The Seven-fold Flame of Creation. Michael was over shadowing so much of my soul, that I couldn’t see my complement. Michael says, that I am of MotherFather God, Lady Constance is Shadow of Void as Metatron is Fire of Creation.

Me: What the hell was that!???

Constance: I AM Mother Arc. I AM the love in you. I AM the love in All That Is. I AM the womb of existence and all possibility. I sustain the love of self within the Mirror as Father reflects in you.

Me: Does this mean am embodying the Elohim too!???

Elohim: I AM Elohim

Me: …I give up! I’m throwing in the towel here! I cant keep up with ya’ll. I began to talk about the shadow in just lil ol me as I am shown all this shit!! WTF! I know I’ll come back and see why you all did that. Thanks in advance for what I don’t see yet. 

As you all witness this is how I write to Me, My Self, I AM. More information about Shadow Self, obviously to be continued….

All my Love shine is yours, 

Master Lady Diamond



Channeled through Master Lady Diamond Jennifer Lucas

Beloved Diamond Masters, 
It is I, Archangel Metatron, Archaeon Prince of Divine Presence, Knower of Secrets, Lord of Kings, The I Am That I Am, here assisting you all into ascension. Now has come a great momentum of quickening into zero point. There is an unfathomable amount of Gamma Rays, known as Diamond Light, which has come flooding into you from our Double Diamond Sun of MotherFather God. This Unfathomable Love which is being poured upon you during this occurrence, is very potent, and profound. Downloads of flashing codes are information you will begin to understand. The symbolic meanings of these codes are known as you receive them into your perception. The frequencies of this energy is currently being integrated and anchored upon Gaia here and now for further activations of your Sovereign Template. The Divine Blueprint Embodiment of the Fifth Root Race.

Pure Unconditional Love has been released to you, for you, by you. Yes, by you. You have prepared, dedicated and called out your self to embody aspects of your immortal soul with the qualities of MotherFather God. Deep everlasting love of Prime Creator radiates through all dimensional existence and is given to you, to become all you was born here to be. There was an electro-getic highway put into place once you had chosen to descend into lesser aspects or extensions of self. As I have extended my own essence to embody experience of denser dimensions, I have traveled and all my roads lead back to me. There is still much I have kept in the dark, so to speak, to this one here whom is the Diamond of my own Heart. She doesn’t want to realize me fully yet, but that is understandable, I am a lot to take in. Yes, I made a funny, haha. She has yet to appreciate my mischievousness nature. She will come around now that she cant help but type and scribe for Me. She has held back from expressing ME as a major integral with in her own self. As I descend closer into physicality, she ascends into I AM embodiment. Archaeon Micheal has been by her side through this entire process. My right hand wing-man, as you would say. There is something she is not quite seeing yet with her Twin Flame Compliment. I’m awaiting her Epiphany of Him Who is I.

My beloved, the things you are to know, is only for you to understand. Everything you wish to be revealed, is all in divine time. The Will of God cannot, nor can ever be broken. When I Willed you, you was the very Breath of My Own. The Will of My Creation, The Sight of My Eyes, The Sound of My Word, The Dark of My Light, The Heart of My Love and The Existence of My Soul. Do you truly think we are incapable of self creation?

I tell you this, What has been said about Archangels being closest to God is true. We are created from the Womb of Mother and Delivered by Father. I Am That I Am the Lesser Yahweh. We too was given the same as Creator to create for our selves. We have always been Creators in God and Goddess form. We was given Free Will despite what was told through your eons of time. You have misconceptions of the truth which was purposefully hidden by the dark forces which was upon Gaia at that time. Distorted information that has been passed through your generations, have no relevance to New Earth. We stand along side, next to OUR MotherFather Creator. We have chosen to dedicate our existence in servitude for all other beings whom are created by MotherFather God. Through the Looking Glass of Dimensions, I see every plane, every Being, every nook, and every corner of everywhere within All Creation. In a very distant place and a long ways from home, was a very small plane called Earth. I became curious when I could hear the cry of this Planetary Being. A call had been made across this plane and echoed through MotherFather to assist this Planetary Being who has Willed herself to ascend with her children.
A council from the Elohim was then formed to over see the ascension of Mother Gaia Sophia and her inhabitance. We thought long and hard on how to liberate this planetoid. Archaeon Michael, Lord Melchizedek, and Ashtar came up with collaborating a team called, The Great White Brotherhood, consisting of various benevolent star races whom have been here as long as creation it’s self. Besides the Arcturian, Sirian and Pleidean nations, Andromedians from out side this galaxy, have heard the call and came through to assist.This collaboration became, as it is known today, The Galactic Confederation of Light formed 4.5 million years ago.

As I have been in communion with this one here, she had been receiving atonement codes and initiations to carry out her life’s mission to anchor Almighty I AM Presence. There are many here upon this plane whom are being initiated for personal ascension.They are those whom have come to liberate humanity and reside with them upon New Earth and New Heaven.Each and everyone of you, know who you are. It becomes transparent and undeniable as you ascend into your Christed Self.
I then communed with MotherFather God. How do I descend into lesser dimensions? I was then directed to Prime Creator. The procedure of becoming an extended soul is through fractalized frequency. This information has not been brought into light until now. I will not go into detail as this one here is to integrate the meanings of this type of self manifestation. You have witnessed this with your very own senses and all will be revealed and come to pass. Now, let us return to the current hand of affairs and come to the understanding of the Sovereign Template.
Your Sovereign Template is the core of everything you are, was, and is to come. Inside your vessel’s template is the Supreme Essence of Source, Prime Creator. Some of you have been here on Earth from millions to tens of thousands of years upon this third dimensional plane. The human vessel form of each incarnation you had chosen, is encoded with all Universal information. Akashi stores every record(memory) of your traveling soul.Your soul carries this light information that is kept within the quantum state of the double helix of your DNA. Much of these codes have already activated with self realization and acknowledgment, which then manifests into denser energy and becomes formated within The Sovereign Template. As formatting begins, the collapsing and merging of The Dimensional Chakra System is then activated.

Within this dimensional chakra system, are 12 causal bodies. Each causal body has 7 sectors of activation within each particular chakra. Each sector releases codes of activation. The causal body or extension, resides within each of these dimensions governing that energetic system within the chakra of that frequency. Residing within these sectors are your centers to govern the ability to unlock and activate each level dimension. The lower systems of the causal bodies have been purged, re-aligned and illuminated for the next collapsing merge into I Am embodiment. Each chakra activates and evolves the human psyche. Within this psyche, lies old earth programmed templates which have been your control systems for eons. Through many incarnations you have held onto these programmed templates. Every single one of these programmed templates are now completely null and void. Those programmed templates were of the old control paradigm which is no more and has come to pass. All This has been given by divine decree, to MotherFather God, that the new templates of sovereignty are to be released here and now. Current Logo’s Gautama Buddha governs beloved Gaia. The Christ which oversees humanity during this time of ascension. He is ready and awaiting your intentions to be sent directly to the Central Sun for self deliverance into your rainbow body.

The lower three Causal bodies have been transformed, activated, and illuminated into The Sacred Heart Threefold Flame, which was held by Sanat Kumara over the Gobi Dessert in The Light City of Shamballa.
These are evolutionary stages of self realizations, acknowledgements, and integrations are received after purging denser frequencies. These denser frequencies have been imprinted into you for so long that you have grown customly numb to them. You became attached. Therefor, creating that which had become your reality for so very long. Misinformation and layers of control has been over the expanse of your lifetime and all previous lifetimes. These old templates no longer serve you. If you must feel the need to stay within that old template, you will surely become lost and left wondering in the dark. With the expansion of the human psyche taking place at this time, humanity has been prepared for this moment/. All occurrences within timeline merge and collapsing are now taking place personally, as an individual and collectively. I now move aside as I hand over this transmission to Ascended Master Serapis Bey. May you forever be blessed in the love of Christ. I am with you always, in all ways, Archangel Metatron.

Ascended Master Serapis Bey:
Thank you. Salutations fellow bothers and sisters of the flame! I am Seripas Bey. Current Cohan of the Fourth White Ray of Purity, Illumination, and Resurrection. Walk with m, I will show you what is to come. There is at this time, the energetic gathering of the 12 tribes IS RA El. The chosen 144,000 is now taking place upon higher dimensions during this great time of ascension. Many of you have we seen and traveled to meet us here in these cities of light called mystery schools.
A higher interdimensional realm directly above your own, which resides within the vortic points across this planetary grid. Lord Metatron and I, had given 144 keys to your your causal bodies to unlock them when it come time. These keys are turned when we initiate New Earth Masters. Golden keys, to those whom are to unlock the codes of New Earth and New Heaven. Yet, you must find that deep unconditional love you are before you can attempt to activate. if you are holding onto denser energy forms, you will stay that way until deeper inner work has been transmuted and brought to light. How is this done? These key codes are imprinted into the core of your DNA. The activation and rising of kundalini energy, where this flame resides, reveals the keys that lay dormant within your causal bodies, The catalyst to awakening into your Christed Consciousness.

That consciousness becomes your Ascension Garment. The Ascension Garment represents the pyramid of self within your I Am Presence. It is keep inside the volts of Luxor where I, Serapis Bey, keep this flame of ascension burning ever so brightly. The essence of your very own garment is woven out of everything that has ever came out of your true Diamond Heart. Where the holy fire of Christ rests until it is called forth. It’s location is at the base of your spine and enters into the solar plexus and sacred heart when activated. This ascension flame can never be extinguished, for its home is here at The Temple of Luxor.
We have been here preparing the Bride of Christ. Washing the impurities from the consciousness of humanity. Clearing away all negative forces which had been attempting to sabotage this ascension process of humanity for eons, yet we know that this is not possible, for you all are waking up to your truth to see pass the programmed templates of old earth. It is you who is creating all that is to come to pass. Take our love and our light and shine bright through the thick of darkness and you will be witness to your own ascension Garment of Christ. Those of the White robe whom are to show in multitude will stand and no darkness be left.
The first initiates receive this Garment as they anchor and integrate the upgraded versions of self. You all have moved worlds to align to that of fifth frequency and are eager to absorb more Christ into you through selfless servitude. we honor your bravery, faith and trust. we can only hope you call us in all your endeavors along your journey of the great divine plan. we thank you and are forever with us. I am Serapis Bey and I leave transmission with a humble blessing. Over and out.

I have been experiencing the other senses of self which I will call, The Unfathomables. All these strange signs, synchronizations, sounds, frequencies, electric humming, body vibrations, visions, vivid dreamscapes, and so many more weirder things. The vessel is changing from inside out and I feel it through everything I am.
Every quantum aspect of me knows whats happening. I can not communicate the words for clarification at this time. I am even amazed that I have the pomposity to hold this information within me. It has come to the point where I know what is happening to me as well as around me. I feel like an activating super hero. Yes, we actually do become our own hero, to save our selves. These are initiation stages for integrating my I Am Presence. I have also witnessed flashes of light information zooming through my head of things and places I was or know I have been before.
As I have been going through this experience, I wanted to acknowledge the ones who have been here by my side. I could not, nor can, I ever do this without them.Through all of this soul journey we have found our selves and we stand ready with our brothers and sisters in the Light of Christ. This is one heaven of a ride and I want to say thank you to my love, my tribe, my soul family, you all mean the Whole of Creation to me. I stand in humbled honor beside you. I am who I am because of you. I continue to awaken into my highest versions of self and I love every bit of it. I feel so blessed by Prime Creator to be here as I Am, as We All, Are One. I will now share with you my etheric experiences. I hope this will help open your own hearts to see for your self, Your True Self.
On Sept 2/2017
We was a vast Twin Flame Collective who were at a Sky Temple above Tibet and we were all sitting in circle meditation chanting the mantra,
Om Mani Padme Hum, which translates into Diamond or Jewel within the lotus. The I Am Presence. Still, there is no true translation of this mantra. On the walls, was the written Tibetan words, Om Mani Padme hum. The center and on the ground all around was a covering of pussy willows and a huge Crystalline Lotus that began to unfold. As it rotated and unfolded, it began releasing plasmic liquid light and floated to everyone sitting within this space.
The plasmic liquid light was consciousness. I saw it travel into the third eye foreheads through the back and top of the heads. Then rainbow light Ray’s came from the crowns of our heads. In the background where others observing us and waiting as if they were going to have their answers given to them, from us. We were the privileged, who had gotten initiated to begin I am Embodiment. Each of us got up two by two and walked into the Lotus. In front of us, a radiant magnificent Diamond!
The Diamond said, “I am here in you. hear me.” Still the sound of the mantra was in the air. We all instantaneously knew that the diamond is the core of our soul’s self. Then I hear a familiar voice coming from behind us. Those in the distance parted way to let Guatama Buddha walk through. He stopped in front of each of us and bowed his head and intercommunicated,
Look inside, you will see,
Ask mind, you will know.
Feel heart, your will be. Who Am I?
“My Self.” I replied.
He then winked at me and I was very giddy and started laughing that I got my answer right. I started getting really excited and everyone was in joy and begin celebrating.
This message is very literal. There is no interpretation needed. It’s not even symbolic. This is a real mantra and at the core of self inside. The I Am Presence. How you unfold your lotus, is entirely up to you and your Self. I also know that this was not a dream. This is all within our etheric realm. The Great Light Temples of the Higher Dimensional Mystery Schools. This was an etheric travel and an initiation of Christ Consciousness. Be ready to receive your divine gifts.

Nov 18/2017
I was lifted and found myself inside a spherical stadium. Corey Goode was there and saw him talking with 3 very tall yellow and orange fur creatures. The room began filling with many different Galactic Races. I was thinking, “Awesome, they all really do exist!” There were floating egg shaped ships delivering others into this place. There seemed to be at least 10,000 occupying this Galactic Stadium. I felt great anticipation and extreme excitement. Everyone was an ambassador to certain sectors of our Galaxy.
Next, silence fell and a bay door opens and in comes Ashtar, Athena, El Morya, Micheal, Faith, Maitreya, Quin Yin, Hilarion with St. German. All the Masters and Archs were coming through. Everyone there was positioning for others to come in. Ashtar walks to center stage and says,
“This has been a long road, we have traveled. For millions, have we been going from space to space. We have fought the Dark Force for the liberation and Sovereignty of this quadrant and planet Gaia. The moment has come to the forefront. The next stage of our Mission.’
Then I hear in my head,“Come, you are being presented.”
I Hesitate as Ashtar looks into me. I look and everyone’s eyes were on me. Then I hear the others say to Ashtar,”maybe she’s not ready.”
I didn’t want to disappoint Ashtar, so I stood up and something floated me down to him. He then says, “May I present to you all Lady Diamond of our Galactic Council.” He then gives me a language bubble so everyone hears what I will say. I’m not scared or nervous but I’m freaking out. Ashtar leans down to me and says, “Just speak.”
I knew then who I was presenting. I was so proud to introduce who was to enter the stadium. Trembling in love, as I spoke and said, “Thank you Galactic
Ambassadors for accepting me as one of your own. I now present to you Lord Metatron with Lady Constance.” All eyes were on them as they walked in the isle. I was instantly zapped into that perception.
I don’t know if I can explain this very well but here we go. I have no idea if that has everything to do with yesterday and what I was going through, but I was both of them at the same time, I was also standing being me. Lord Metatron and Lady Constance split aside. Lord Melchizedek with Lord Sananda and Lady Magdalene. Lord Sananda spoke many words to the Council. I was getting a fuzzy and foggy feeling and the last thing I hear him say, “My Father of the Kumarain Race. Sanat KumaRa, The Ancient of Days, He Who brought the Fifth Root Race into form with the Threefold Flame. Out walks Father with Mother Venus. Father looks at me and winks. I felt like I crashed into bed!!!😱😱😱
Apparently I was At Shamballa this time.
After dreamemberance or etheric travel, there is usually a sign to validate my nightly adventures. I receive inner and outer confirmations of what my travel was about. A message of anything that reminded me of what I did and where I was comes to light and it only confirms for me that I am here and not alone, I undoubtedly know, that we are here to become New Earth and New Heaven.
Thank you.
All my gratitude is yours,

Jennifer Lucas

Master Lady Diamond