yezzz..im not dead yet i hav 2 set me free now.?  i nee u to run me bk home.

????im not shure ut i know its u to do it….



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Echoes of The Elohim: Calling The Fire of Christ

Hello fellow Humanity, Human Family, this is a divine transmission from The Voice of God known as Elohim. These Voices are the Seven Ray’s of Light which radiate out from Prime Source, MotherFather God, whom has given us Unconditional Love of All That Is. Through our Source, we are capable of transmuting and transcending worlds. This is exactly what we have done and will continue to do. Evolve and Ascend!

Before I begin invocation for Elohim, I would like to note that at this moment in our galactic history, we as a human species are evolving into an illuminated sovereign state of being. We just now began initiations into Galactic status. What does this mean exactly? We have come to the forefront of our evolutionary stage as a human. Those whom have created our human form did not fathom us to evolve into what we are now. The spark of life they unknowingly bestowed upon us has every DNA light sequence known in this universe. Humans were seeded from many galactic races near and far over the expanse of eons here on this planetoid. Many whom have been our Councils, Keepers, Gods, Avatars, Logos, Archangels, and Ascended Masters. The Hierarchy of Heaven whom are the overseers of humanity. We have everyone’s seed within every causal body of our Soul within. Out of all of them, came us, of whom we are to this day as One Almighty Presence of Christ. The Sovereign Template. An Illuminated physical form of Love incarnate. The anointment of the 144,000 twin flames whom have chosen to become the illuminated embodiment of MotherFather God of form, is here now upon New Earth. Within us, stands the Fire of Christ. The fire from MotherFather God that is eternally burning the light of our existence. The Holy Fire, The Spirit, The life, as it is spoken to me, sustains all things. It is the glue of every connection across our cosmic multidimensional and interdimensional states of Beingness. As above so below, as within so without. There is nowhere that I AM NOT. It is The Voiceless Voice of my Absolute Self. Mighty I Am. The purest substance of Creation. The Consciousness of Love. The One Thought which created all things. I, as my humanness, can not fully comprehend what all this means, yet I know that my Soul knows this information as it passes through this dimension. Now, I AM feeling the pouring of that love through me as I think, feel, and intuitively know the connection and flow of this is very Source I AM of.

Almighty I AM Presences, I call you all here now to bring The Solar Ring. Descend upon this platform as I call to Alfa and Omega, to Mother and Father, to Metaron And Constance, to Helios and Vesta, to Elohim and Archaeons, to Ascended Masters and Ladies, to Ashtar and the Galactic Command, to The Logo’s of each planetoid and star system within this Galaxy, to every Heavenly Legion and all surrounding Benevolent Beings, I ask for you all to descend upon this place and sustain here, The Cosmic Christ.

I now invoke The Tube of Light, as I know your Presence here Almighty Ones, We ask for The Essence of Will, Illumination, Love, Purity, Truth, Healing, Service, Alchemy and Transmutation through our vessels and our hearts. We are open that we may receive this Grace and become illuminated to enlighten ourselves and all of humanity. Descend now from our Great Central Double Diamond Sun and bring to us Thy Holy Fire of Christ. This Glorious Liquid Love Light which pours over all things. Upon each of us, we ask that The Seven-Fold Flame be placed upon each of our foreheads. Let the Children of the Sun radiate this pure love that has been placed of crowns and inside hearts. May each be blessed and filled with the Love of Creator and the Light of Christ. So be it.

The Seven Mighty Elohim are called forth and introduced as follows:

First Ray of God’s Will (Blue Flame): Elohim Hercules and Amazonia, Archaeon Michael/Faith, and Ascended Master El Morya with Lady Amerissis,

I call to you to bring me the Flame of Will. Bestow upon my forehead this flame, for I AM The Will of God I give.

Second Ray of Illumination (Gold Flame): Elohim Apollo and Lumina, Archeon Jophiel/Christine, and Lord Lanto with Lady Shoshimi,

I call to you to bring me The Flame of Illumination. Bestow upon my forehead this flame, for I AM The Illumination of God I give.

Third Ray of Love (Pink Flame): Elohim Heros and Amora, including Archaeon Chammuel/Charity and Ascended Master Paul the Venetian with Lady Ruth,

I call to you to bring me The Flame of Love. Bestow upon my forehead this flame, so I AM The Love of God I give.

Fourth Ray of Purity (White Flame): Elohim Purity and Astrea, including Archaeon Gabriel/Hope and Ascended Master Serapis Bey with Lady Amutreya,

I call to you to bring me The Flame of Purity. Bestow upon my forehead this flame, so I AM The Purity of God I give.

Fifth Ray of Truth and Healing (Green): Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia, including Archaeon Raphael/Mother Mary and Ascended Master Hilarion with Lady Pallas Athena,

I call to you to bring me The Flame of Truth and Healing. Bestow upon my forehead this flame, so I AM The Truth and Healing of God I give.

Sixth Ray of Service (Gold Violet Flame): Elohim Peace and Aloha, including Archaeon Uriel/Aurora, and Ascended Master Jesus Yeshua with Lady Nada,

I call to you to bring me The Flame of Service. Bestow upon my forehead this flame, so I AM The Service of God I give.

Seventh Ray of Alchemy and Transmutation (Purple/Violet Flame): Elohim Arcturus and Victoria, including Archaeon Zadkiel/Amethyst, and St. Germain with Lady Portia,

 I call to you to bring me The Flame of Alchemy and Transmutation. Bestow upon my forehead this flame, so I AM The Alchemy and Transmutation of God I give.

Almighty Elohim, I have asked for your Presences to bring me each flame so I may integrate and anchor them all into this Dimension of New Earth. I, as an individual, and we, as a collective of humanity, ask for your Divine Blessing and Everlasting Light. We ask to be guided through all that is now and is to come. We ask, for completion of our mission of the Divine plan. We ask that every heart awaken into the Fire of Christ forevermore. Thank you Almighty Elohim as I ask for this fire to sustain within as The Seven-fold Flame. My Christ Self, I accept completely and wholeheartedly. So be it.

Elohim Speaks:

I am Elohim. Awaken hearts, minds, and bodies of humanity for the spirit is ready to be revealed. Let the Holy Fire of Christ shine from within your very core as it radiates from us through you and into all this world. Let your love light shine and glimmer brighter and more magnificent than ten times ten thousand suns. The Diamond Core of you is The Will of God. One whom unfolds Will, is Illuminated. One whom unfolds Illumination, is Love. One whom unfolds Love, is Purified. One whom unfolds Purity, is Healed in Truth. One whom unfolds Healing and Truth, is of Servitude. One whom unfolds Service, creates Alchemy and Transmutation. One whom unfolds Alchemy and Transmutation, embodies The Holy Fire of Christ. The Seven-fold Flame descends upon the foreheads of all whom Call. We give you these flames as you have asked, for you now acknowledge US into your perception. You have been bestowed the name of God upon your forehead and we transmit each of these Rays to you. We bless you this. That you may work inside this fire which sustains your full embodiment of Christ. Go, and be mindful of your labors for truly, your Will is made manifest. We, Elohim have spoken. End Transmission.

I am here knowing why I have asked for the Elohim to anoint all whom are to be initiated to Christ Consciousness. To Dawn the Age of Aquarius.I intend to co-create this New Earth as I am One of many who have come to be New Heaven upon new Earth. So, Brothers and Sisters of the Great White Brotherhood, we stand together now as we always have. Let’s do this!

Thank you and may Source always be in you.

Master Lady Diamond Jennifer Lucas