Channeled through Master Lady Diamond

WE the Arcturians, are always in observance of your earthly Being. Here we connect to you with an energy response from us. We are overjoyed with your awakened hearts. The soul is shining ever brighter of your true light flame. It is such a flame of the brilliant Diamond Ray which you know you are. We had acknowledged your fire, as we send ours to you to entangle within the universal web of consciousness.

Our purpose has become to assist with the ascension of Gaia and humanity. Gaia is choosing to ascend with her children. Our purpose has become to assist you with yours as well. Ascension which your Ascended Masters have accomplished within their own lifetimes here.

We are pleased with the work which has already been done upon Gaia. Our High Council has continued to observe your ways of being. Most of you now are awakened into the truth by remembering who you really are.We came here for all of you to ascend your frequency, as you have asked us to help assist you in your endeavors.

Through the Universal Diamond Cord all frequencies connect into the crown chakra and activates the spinal canal to illuminate the ATMA. Be and feel the melody of your Divine Harmonic Presence. Its continuous frequency holds and moves you into an emotional state of higher-dimensional energies. Felt within the high heart called the ATMA, is a frequency which illuminates the electrons as they expand throughout the physical body.

The electrons radiate out into the toroidal field. Connectional residence occupied in the spaces of the auric field from within the heart-mind controls the movement and flow of these electrons which are magnified by the heart and electrically charged by the mind.

This is your generator of ALL frequency sets. Electromagnetic flowing source of energy is always present within. Some are dimmer than others and we can tell you most are. It’s time to turn up your lights. It is now you are to be brighter than you have ever been before.

When your light frequency is not active or out of order, so to speak, it contracts back into itself within the heart core. The mind must be clear from all negative thought forms with lower frequency sets.This disconnects the electrical circuitry of the mind to the magnetic heart.

Once cleared, the electrical current grid of the mind is free to flow through any part of the body as it enters through the heart where the frequency is presented. Once this currental circuit is complete, this connection turns on and brightens your Divine Harmonic Presence.

This connection activation is felt within the body as the heart has a radiant burning sensation. This burning comes from the ATMA as it is in the three fold flame of your high heart.The body senses become more sensitive and easily detects a circular motion flow of the electromagnetic charged filed the electrons pass through.This swirling circular sensation is flowing thoughts of the mind.

The breath is the key for intensifying and expanding amplified harmonics which resonates the entire body from within the DNA of each cell. As you begin feeling a physical sensation of the entire electromagnetic charged electrons deep within your body and out into the auric field, there will be a feeling of purity and unity flowing from you.

Your field is now amplified and expanded into Diamond Frequency. Pure Light Residence. Even though your body is still present during the amplification, it can not hold this frequency for more than a moment. There is very good reason why the human vessel can not withstand longer periods of this frequency.

Every system inside your body would go haywire causing it to shut down. Why do we tell you this? Your bodily systems would gather so much of this frequency that each separated system would begin to collapse into singularity,for each system would not sustain their differential information.

Now that you have returned yourself to connect with Diamond Ray Energy, you then recognize this as you remembered who you really are as a Diamond Soul in the closest dimension of creational consciousness, Prime Creator.

Consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of one’s surrounding source as you become it and knowing you have never left. The more you remember the more this connection occurs. You have understood your connection to the Galactic Core Double Diamond Sun, Prime Creator.

This connection has given you an energy never before present within the human vessel. It is only been given to the Ascended Masters of your earth. You are understanding of this energy is being accepted by you as there are many others upon your world at this time who hold the Diamond Frequency. We can see these energies given to you as a great gift of creational presence and the wisdom to carry it with you through your heart upon your entire world. You have yet to ‘see’ this purifying light, yet you’re able to feel it from within you heart core and throughout your entire being..

The Diamond Ray Frequency transmits energies from you instantly through the Diamond Grid. The Diamond Grid is the connection which holds this frequency within your third dimensional realm. This connection to the grid rises the frequency of the self as well as ALL HUMANITY. Diamond Energy transmits to every heart who lives upon and within the earth.This energy is given only to those of the Diamond Heart.
Thank you Arcturians that makes me cry, so beautiful. My gratitude to you. I receive your words as truth for I feel they are such. You’re telling me I may connect with creation itself when my Diamond Energy is in its full potential?

You may connect with any Source of energy signature you wish. You are connected to us at this moment, are you not?

Yes, I called your energy to me.

We tell you that you are fully capable to connect with Prime Creator during any moment you call the intent to do so. YOU ARE THIS SOURCE. Understand and acknowledge that you already are in divine connection with Prime Creator. It is the source from which you came.

It is connection which you have as anyone can have, through the Universal Grid. This is your Galactic Chakra that you may travel through the moment you remember that you can.You have opened your heart-mind to the fact that we exist and not that Arcturus is just a star, but very close to that star, is your home planet.also called Arcturus.

There are many of you who will do as they have done. It is their expertise to guide and teach the way. With doing so, every last one of you will ascend with your mother ship. This has been written throughout your eons of time that all this is to be the moment that you are to enter into heaven once again. Now is your moment. Now it is so.




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