Hello Diamond Loves, Let’s see what is inside God’s treasure chest today!!!

I see a very curious looking diamond in here. What does it say?

Embrace each moment as it presents itself because you brought it to you. every situation occurs as you have attracted it. Be in need of nothing. Believe that the answer is already within you. Know the answer exist before you even asked.

Knowing you are God’s creation and living in God’s peace within your heart for that is where God is. God is always with in you. Know that you are God. Knowing that, you know that everything else separate from you is God too. That all of everything is connected to you. Which makes you connected with everything else and in that you are only ‘one thing’ and ‘one thing’ only. That you are the Master of your universe. So then you are the creator of it. You are a creator. You create everything you’ve got and contain your creation in the moment you choose. Energy in motion is emotion. The feeling about something creates whatever it is.

If you feel sad in any given situation change the sadness.
Accept that sadness as an experience you are having in that moment. Then change your mind, tell the sadness to go and know in your heart that happiness replaces the sadness. Create the happiness and you have it. Everything is connected with love and brings all the good stuff to you. Love everything you see, , touch, and do.

God keeps nothing from you. You keep it from you. God grants you your every wish. If you wish to be ugly dirty and no good for nothing then that is what God gives you. If you wish to be beautiful clean and full of life then that is what God gives you. You attract what you believe. once you are consciously aware of this you are able to do anything you put your heart to.

Change the negative things you think of all the time to positive thoughts all the time. Be in the positive thoughts. Say ‘I Am’ and follow it with something good about yourself and believe it. Then when you believe it you know it. Turning belief into knowing yourself gives you the power to create your entire universe.

Keep choosing the same thing until it is made manifest. Being of one mind. Take your mind on of it until it is produced inside reality. Thought. Word. Action.
Think of what you intend. Speak it out loud, write it down, or even tell others. Then begin doing. Bring it into you through the magnetics of your heart and the electronics of your mind. Action brings to you what you desire to have. Vision that you already have it. Feel that is with you and know it’s on its way. When you choose with all your heart the universe can do nothing but respond.

Never settle for anything less than what you are really choosing, or you will be accepting less than what you truly desire. Soul creates out of present experience. The soul creates, the mind reacts. Every new moment is a gift from God. It is the present that gives the perfect circumstances. In moments of great decisions be out of the mind and into the soul. The soul understands what the mind can’t perceive. The soul speaks in your feelings. Listen to these feelings and make your choice. Feelings are your truth. It is this love and feeling that is the truth. It is this that matters. Creating whatever you wish to be with your highest thought about yourself.
Now have you given any thought about that?

Praise to God for all the presents you have and will receive. Now in this present moment know that once you are consciously self aware of all you are doing, thinking, same, and feeling simultaneously connect you to others who have also become self aware.

What is different than before? Why am I now aware of everything?

Once awareness occurs and you have remembered how to use it you feel higher, lighter, brighter, more open, more truthful, more loving, more expressive with yourself and others. You now make your choices with your highest awareness of what you know you are. This changes everything inside and outside of you. The connection you sense with life and others is magnified greatly. It’s as if you have been given an invisible electromagnetic energy source that you can control with the mind heart connection through the bodies chakra system. This is called electromagnetic transference.

Electromagnetic transference has connection through all other electromagnetic transfers with Source which is another who is consciously aware. When two consciously connect they then can create together to multiply these potentials. These potentials create a grander scale in manifestation. The intentions of these two can manifest quickly. When three or more are connected in the electromagnetic entanglement transference current it increases exponentially. When many are placed within the electromagnetic transference entanglement current together, the manifestation happens instantaneously. Unified creational thought manifests our reality.

The world and the condition it is in is made from every single person living here. What is happening consciously, is what is happening consciously. What is happening unconsciously, is also what is happening unconsciously. It is created whether you think about it or not. Either you know it or you don’t, but it exists. when you know it, control it and use it, everything becomes as it is. Change your self, change the world. If for one every single person to drop everything they are doing and pause to collect themselves and connect to each others electromagnetics, the entire world would change instantaneously. We would list each other up into higher frequency of existence.

Every soul on earth would be transformed into homo luminous beings of light. Those who have become aware would be lifted up while the ones who have yet to find themselves would be left for longer periods of time. They too can evolve yet they are not ready. When the mass awaken. worldly problems would be solved. in the blink of an eye. There are still so many who still sleep. We can bring them the light. but they need to be willing to receive it into their own hearts.



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